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Marching Arts

Ryan's unique perspective as a professional performer and composer combined with elite level DCI experience has led him to be able to craft arrangements and shows that combine educational goals with competitive success and enjoyment for both the audience and the performers.  In the marching idiom, Ryan has long standing arranging relationships with several ensembles including groups such as Bloomington High School (IL), Tri-Valley High School (IL), Edinburgh North High School (TX), East Carolina University, The Academy (DCI World Class), the Vanguard Cadets (DCI Open Class), and the Bluecoats' Soundsport ensemble Rhythm in Blue.  In addition he has arranged concert literature and created the technique program materials for several DCI groups, most notably the Bluecoats (2004 to 2011) and Santa Clara Vanguard (2012 to 2019).  Below is his standard info for prospective clients including rates, services, timelines, and a list of collaborators and references.


Rates are negotiated with each client individually.  I am highly flexible and will work to fit within your budget, but all rates are based on the services provided and the anticipated time requirement.  This includes when the desired due dates are and how much time is given to complete a project.  

It is worth noting that I do not charge for edits.  The nature of the activity is that small changes will need to occur throughout the learning and cleaning process, so I am happy to provide or receive input and create edits throughout the season.  The only exception to this is if there is a request for an entirely new movement or production featuring new material after a final draft has been accepted; in the unlikely event this happens I will work with you to get what you want but will also request additional compensation.



If you are also looking for a visual designer or percussion/electronics designer, the following page is a listing with bios and backgrounds for some of the best with whom I have pre-existing working relationships.  While I will work with pretty much anyone and enjoy collaborating with new teams, these are tried and true professionals that I can recommend without reservation.

Work Samples

Given the complex nature of licensing collaboratively arranged music from multiple sources, I am not able to post full example shows.  However, as it is original material I am able to share the audio and brass score to the closer from the Vanguard Cadets 2018 Open Class Championship performance (special thanks to Fred Emory Smith for allowing me to share the audio of his always wonderful percussion and sound design).

In addition, I am able to share scores, recordings, and/or videos upon request and below is a searchable listing of some of my past work.  If you find something of interest or would like a generic sample packet, please submit a request using the form beneath the listing.

Marching Arts Request Form

Thanks for your interest! You will receive a reply shortly

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